Now closed to new business, with apologies.

It's with some mixed feelings that I announce that I will be closing this business quite soon, and will not be accepting any more equipment for repair, effective immediately. I have been made an offer I'd be a fool to turn down, and am very happy about. I've been working with Pedal Pawn quite a bit over the last year, and am delighted to join the team full time.

I'll be honouring the commitments I've made, all jobs already here will be processed with my usual attention to detail. I'll also honour any warranty issues, should they arise. Thankfully those have been very rare.

I'm very proud of what I've managed to do here in the last 11+ years working on my own, but have been feeling increasingly overwhelmed by the quantity of work, along with all the extra stuff that goes with running a small business on your own. The busier it gets, the harder it is to get already complicated work done. Running a business was never something I really wanted to do, I know where my skills are, and aren't. Life has been very unbalanced for a long time and has been really taking its toll, I look forward to better.

I wouldn't have kept it up for so long though, or have such mixed feelings now, if it wasn't for the mostly lovely people I've had the good fortune to work for. You know who you are, it has been a pleasure working for you. My deepest thanks to you, and my apologies for not being there in future.

Peace, love, and good happiness stuff.


2nd July 2021



Possible Alternatives.

I'll leave this page up as my business winds down, and for some months afterwards. The contact details below are for possible alternatives to my service. I'm not in a position to comment on anyone else's work as I simply don't know anything of it.

If you provide electronics repair services for musical equipment in the Peterborough area, and would like your details included here, and on my facebook page, please contact me. Only one so far:

Darren @ Inspiration Sound & Lighting
Mancetter Square
01733 577666

Facebook page here

Thanks for visiting,