Cable Services

These are mainly aimed at giving you access to my excellent soldering and production skills at very affordable rates.

Want to try that weird new cable type, oxygen free, saffron dusted and bathed in kitten tears? You buy it, I'll put it all together for you, professionally and inexpensively.

I may require wiring information for anything other than 2 connectors the same wired pin to pin.

All prices are labour only



Common Audio

Covers :

* Making a new lead from cable and parts you choose and buy yourself


* Repairing a lead - You can supply your own replacement connectors where needed or pay what I pay for my mid range choice (which I may not have to hand). If the cable itself is faulty it will be cut back and used if possible or the job abandoned.

Using combinations of :

Connector (m or f)Cable type
Phonosmall signal
2.5/3.5mm mono/stereo jacksmall signal
1/4" mono/stereo jacksmall signal / power
XLR/Canonsmall signal / power


(per lead with 2 connectors)


* There are many different wiring configurations used, particularly where connectors of different types are used together. When asking me to make a lead that's not the standard, same connector, pin to pin, I will need the required wiring detailed. This will probably be in one or both of the manuals for the equipment you are connecting up. If you can't find it, I'll do a brief search for you, but if I need to research much more than that I will charge you an extra 5 per lead type that needs it.

* The above may also apply to a repair if badly damaged.



Refit/replace connector and continuity test

(per connector)

Type1x 4x
'D' type up to 25 way1030
'D' type 37 & 50 way1751
16/20 ch mixer multicore 2266
24/32 ch mixer multicore 3090

Faultfinding cabling systems

Such as stageboxes, studio breakout boxes, rack wiring harnesses etc are dealt with as normal equipment repairs.


Custom Cables

Repaired or made to your specification.

Can include unusual arrangements and open to your weirdest wiring ideas.

I can probably help you, but we'll need to talk.


Power adaptor/supply cables

I will attempt to rejoin these for you or fit replacement connectors for 5 plus the cost of a connector. No guarantees of success, no refund. If the cable is broken where it exits the adaptor, it won't be possible. If a short circuit has happened due to the damage, it's possible that the adaptor is faulty anyway. If you're not sure how to choose a replacement, this may help.


Miniature device leads

Such as USB or others using miniature moulded connectors for data, audio or video are generally not repairable. The best I might be able to do is join a cut cable. I would charge you 10 to try regardless of success. You'd be much better finding another one frankly.


A cable you can't identify needs repair?

Email me a good close up photo showing the connectors and I'll see what can be done.