Repair Services


Basic Survey & Possible Repair

For where a fault needs diagnosing

If you just want something replacing Directed work is more cost effective.

Minimum fee charged (from 10)

I give the unit a basic check out, dismantling to a degree usually, to investigate the problem.


Possible Outcomes

* If I find it can be repaired reasonably quickly and within cost restraints, I do so and charge the fee again.

* If I find it beyond economical repair, it's reported to you.

* If a firm quote or estimate can be supplied, it is.

* Otherwise I report what options there may be for you.


Equipment type
Most small equipment, ie :

Amps <=10W
DJ Mixers

Rack Effects
Guitar Preamps
Hifi Amps
Instrument Amps up to 100 W
Instrument Amps up to 500 W
2ch Power Amps up to 500W pch
Up to 24ch mixer (not powered)
Up to 24ch powered mixer30
Anything elsePlease enquire

Formal Report3
Printed Documents (emailed otherwise)1



You get best results when I have good, clear information about the issue from you.

This is particularly true with intermittent faults or those that happen under very specific conditions. You must at least make me aware of them or they could possibly be missed in this survey. I will then ensure they are targeted for special attention.

Information on how the fault shows or first appeared could be useful and help get you a cheap repair.


Directed Work

For where : You're very sure you just want something replacing and, perhaps, basic testing of it's function.

Should be no problem.

Let me know exactly what you need doing to what in an email, and I'll give you a quote.

Minimum 10. We are usually talking 20-40 plus the cost of the parts. You may supply your own parts.

I take no responsibility for your diagnosis if it doesn't work out. I will highlight if I notice a problem along the way, but I won't be looking for one. This is about giving you access to my dismantling, soldering, assembly and test skills only.