Solid State Instrument Amplifier Services

All prices are labour only


General Service

For where you're not aware of any serious faults

Maybe some noisy or intermittent operation of controls or sockets etc. For notable faults you should consider a repair, the general service could be done at the same time for half price.

Covers :

* Safety test

* Bench test for power output and basic functionality. Noisy controls and sockets noted.

* If a serious fault is observed, those that can be quickly identified and repaired, will be, and the job will continue. Otherwise, I'll stop the job and talk to you.

* Dismantled and examined for damaged or loose parts. Previously noted noisy controls/sockets given attention. Possibilities for noted functional issues examined and repaired where feasible.

* Where required, fans removed for thorough cleaning. Noisy ones noted for possible future replacement.

* Dust removed from heatsinks, air paths and anywhere else needed.

* While dismantled, cabinet, control knobs and panels cleaned

* High voltage areas visually inspected and components, particularly capacitors, checked where suspicion aroused.

* Quickly identifiable faulty components replaced where cost-feasible and available, or noted for reporting.

* Reassembled and tested, noting effectiveness of remedial actions

* Safety tested

* Parts still problematic reported to you and quote produced where possible for replacing them.

Not all pots and switches are cleaned with switch cleaner, only the noisy ones. Read why there.


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