About Me, And What I can Do For You


I have worked hands on in electronics for over 35 years, about a third of which was spent working with aviation radio communications in civil and defence fields. This has instilled keen attention to detail, skilled fault diagnosis to component level, and quality workmanship. My last employed position involved the test, diagnosis and repair of switched mode power converters with the, now closed, Ferrus Power. I began working solo late 2009. I'm happy with valve and solid state technologies, through to the surface mount that is still hand workable.

I have spent many years maintaining professional sound and music equipment, first professionally in the 80s. It was natural really, as I am a guitarist and have played in bands a bit. I play around with a bit of home music production too, which is largely rubbish.

Though I'm involved mostly with professional sound equipment, I have a keen interest in electronics generally, and am happy to give a bit of technical help where I can. I do also sometimes get involved with the odd special project that people have come to me with. I enjoy getting to grips with new concepts. I've been a licensed radio amateur (G8ZAZ) for over 30 years too, though have not been very active at all in the last 15 years or so.

I love music.

Yours truly.


Professional Sound Equipment

This will give some idea of the range of equipment I've worked on. I think there are probably many omissions, so don't worry if your equpiment isn't here. I seem to have an aptitude for getting to grips with unfamiliar equipment anyway.

As well as the usual bench testing, I'll usually play an instrument through guitar and bass amplifiers too (I just gotta...).

Guitar / Bass / Keyboard Amplifiers
Fender, Marshall, Vox, Peavey, Peterson, Music Man, Mesa Boogie, Seymour Duncan, Trace Elliot, Orange, Ampeg, H&H, Carlsbro, Laney, Session, Hughes & Kettner, Vantage, Liberty.

There are some fixed price services for valve & solid state Instrument amplifiers.

Power Amplifiers / Powered Monitors
Audiohead, PSS, Peavey, Harrison, Yamaha.

Soundcraft, Mackie, Allen & Heath, Technics, Pioneer

Keyboards Roland, Korg, Casio, Yamaha, Novation

Effects units Boss, Digitech, Zoom

Guitars I will carry out certain electronics tasks on electric guitars and basses, get in touch with your query and see how we go. I don't do any body or neck/fret work.

Speakers I'm not in a situation to run speakers very loud very often, so only limited high power testing is possible. Identifying faulty drivers or crossovers is usually not a problem though.

Microphones & Radio Microphones I will need the receiver too for radio microphones. It's not always possible to repair them economically, but it is usually worth a look, as it often is.

"Boutique" Studio & Stage Equipment I'm very happy to work on very unusual/unique/custom equipment such as those produced by people like DwarfCraft (unusual pedals, valve amps etc.) and Tablebeast (valve studio equipment, mic preamps, line amps, EQ and more).

I have no problem tackling the unusual.

Racked systems
Systems comprising a rack/cabinet with multiple units and cabling installed will incur a minimum fee of at least 25, on top of any repair charges. If you know which bit of kit is wrong in a cabinet, it will save you money for you to remove it yourself and bring it, rather than bring the whole cabinet and have me wrestle with it.



I'm experienced with many types of radio transmitting and receiving equipment, and accessories. Whether it's air band, amateur radio, short wave general coverage, citizens band or vintage broadcast receivers, chances are I'll take a look.

I had previously said no DAB, but I have managed to sort out the ones that have been brought to me anyway, so that's worth a look. If the the fault is within the DAB module it could be hard to rectify cost effectively, but the issues I've seen so far haven't been that.

No TV, DVD, satellite or other set top boxes though, sorry.


Test Equipment

This is for educational establishments and the hobbyist really. While I make every effort to ensure reasonable accuracy, I do not provide calibration certification.

Oscilloscopes, AF/RF signal generators, power supplies, frequency counters, meters.



Modern computers are not really my field these days as I deal with component level repair. I will take a look at vintage or specialist computer equipment that needs investigation though. For instance I'm very familiar with the BBC Micro and also deal with vintage chess computers.

As well as repairing computers, I am pretty handy with a PC at the keyboard too. I've been programmming in a variety of languages since the 1980's. Much of this has been around interfacing with radio & electronics projects, sometimes with older micros. Net-wise, I can produce simple web pages, like the one you're looking at, and can utilize javascript and css to do this if needed.



Radio controlled models, sound to light controllers, or something a bit more unusual, I'll usually take a look at them.


I don't do...

...Quite a bit of modern consumer equipment actually. This includes :

Televisions and monitors, DVD, Satellite boxes, mobile phones, SatNavs, PDA's, laptops, printers, Ipods and the like.

I'm often told that "it only needs a touch with a soldering iron". This has never been true and attempts to repair broken connectors on miniaturised, machine assembled equipment give me far more grief than I feel I can charge for.

No fridges, washing machines, vacuum cleaners or other "white" goods either I'm afraid.


Repairs in General

You will be given a receipt when you leave your equipment with me and I ask that this is returned when the equipment is collected.

All repair work is recorded here detailing the equipment, faults observed and actions taken. A formal repair report is usually supplied.

Where appropriate, safety tests for earth continuity and insulation resistance at 500v are carried out after final reassembly, before final testing.


Valves, speakers, and other specialist parts

My usual approach is to fit manufacturer recommended types where viable or reputable equivalents. I do not give recommendations for brands concerning tone etc. If you have a particular brand and source of part you would prefer to use I may ask you to supply them. If the parts needed are particularly expensive, I may also ask you to supply them.

When I supply easily obtained parts for a repair, I generally charge you just what it cost me to get them. I'm afraid I don't spend lots of time trawling the internet to find the absolute cheapest from some company I've never heard of though. Again, if you'd like to supply from your own source, I'm usually ok with that. Of course I will not give any warranty on them, only the work I do.


Component Supply

I'm not set up to be a component supplier generally, so don't usually just supply parts. If you are having trouble though I'm prepared to help you obtain them. I will put some mark up on them as it can eat time and it's not something I really want to encourage.


Storage of Uncollected Equipment

Uncollected equipment left for 21 days, or longer, from notification of work completion, will now incur a 5 per week storage charge, which will include 15 for the 21 day period already elapsed. Equipment will be disposed of after 90 days.

This is not a money making move, it is simply to encourage collection within a reasonable time, and to discourage clients from using my premises as a storage facility, I just do not have the space for this. I have had equipment sitting around for months before collection (over 2 years in one case!), making it unfortunately necessary to implement this policy. I'm prepared to be a little flexible about it if you arrange it with me beforehand.

Equipment collected within 21 days of notification of work completion incurs no extra storage charge of course.

Since introducing this about a year ago, this has not made me a penny, but has improved the space I have. Excellent.



Unless otherwise agreed with you, warranty is for three months from the date of the repair report, and covers the work carried out and parts used. It does not cover the entire equipment for other unrelated problems.

In the unlikely event of you having to bring something back under warranty, I will either correct the issue at my cost, or return your money.


General Advice

Advice is provided free of charge, and I reserve the right not to. Advice is given in good faith, but no warranties are implied or given. Email (preferred) or telephone for this please, no texts (read why here).


Times available

DayWorkingAccepting calls
Mon - Fri9am - 5pm9am - 7pm
Sat10am - 3pm10am - 3pm

Please do not telephone outside of these hours.

I do not welcome personal callers without prior arrangement I'm afraid, which is why my address isn't here.


Other Services


Electronics Assembly & Rework

I have a great deal of practical experience manufacturing electronics and have excellent soldering skills. I do mean excellent. I can hand assemble through-hole and a lot of surface mount techs, and can perform rework for faults and design changes to a high quality.

I generally charge 20 for the first hour and 10 for those after.

You may only need half an hour, so I allow for a 10 job too.

Electronic Kits & Prototype Construction

Just get in touch with exactly what you need doing and I should be pretty easily tell you what price would be. If there is much uncertainty in your information I will have to quote for a longer time just in case. Very simple projects should go together in under half an hour. I would imagine most will be 1 to 4 hours, so 20-50

I may be able and prepared to help with testing too, but that is not covered here. Talk to me.

Smallish Production or Rework Runs

I can easily tell you whether I can cope with your requirements and what it will cost. Regular business clients may get discounted rates.

Amp modifications

Keen on a mod you've seen but scared to attempt it? I'll do the work for you and a degree of testing. Must have clear instructions available. Get in touch with them and I'll tell you what I would charge.

Cable Making & Repair

I'm good at this too and can give you some great value here


PCB Layout Design and Fabrication

I have some limited facilities for fabrication and can design PCB layouts from circuit designs supplied. Resulting layout should be usable by commercial PCB fabricators if I can't make them here, but I haven't tried that yet.

It's not something I've done a lot of for other people. I'm open to discussion if you want to make use of these options.