Contacting Me

Email is always prefered by far, particularly for technical communications. is the place to send them to.

Privacy : I hate spam, your email address will not be shared with anyone unless I'm under legal obligation to do so. You will only receive specific job related communications from me, no promotions etc.

I also recommend adding to your contacts list to ensure you receive updates about your repair.

Landline is (01733) 700963 and mobile is 07906 325068. A telephone call will invariably be interrupting concentration on a job, hence the strong preference for email.

Please do not telephone after 7pm (6pm Sat) or at all on Sundays.

I do not use texts for anything but the briefest communications. Text to say you're on your way by all means, but, ask me to quote, or for my technical opinion, on your fault and I will only ask you to email instead. Read why here.

I now have a facebook page here


Repair Queries

The more specific you can be about the make and model of the equipment(s) involved, the problems you're experiencing and any attempts to repair it, the better response I can give.

Seriously, if you've bought a "repairable" online, and tried to sort it with a kitchen knife and some foil, it's better for both of us if I know. I won't tell... I promise.

If I can help you solve the problem yourself, I certainly will. I'll hope to hear from you the next time you have an issue of course.


General Advice

I provide this free of charge, and reserve the right not to. Advice is given in good faith, but no warranties are implied or given. Email (preferred) or phone only, no texts.


Arranging appointments

This isn't a shop situation, so you do need to arrange with me when you are going to call, and be reasonably on time please. More than half an hour later than expected and I'll assume you're not coming if you don't call (while grinding my teeth a bit).

Usually you can just call me before you want to come and that will be fine.

I prefer you to visit in my usual working hours, but will make myself available in an evening too if really needed, but as early as possible please.


Times available

DayWorkingAccepting calls
Tue - Fri9am - 5pm9am - 7pm
Sat10am - 3pm10am - 3pm
(Closed Mondays from 22nd June 2020)